Price Guide

We have a simple pricing model. Websites are $25 per month, with no setup fees, no design fees, no hosting fees, and no domain name fees. To get started, you pay for the first four months up front, then you can setup billing to be monthly, quarterly, or annually.

We get your website up and running, then turn it over to you to maintain and add your additional content. If you can fill in the blanks, you can maintain your own website. If for some reason you need us to maintain the website for you, we charge an additional $25 / per hour to add content for you. We do not charge for updates or fixes.

You can get an email address for your kennel, like your_name@your_kennel.domain. Email addresses are an extra $10 per month per email address. You will be limited to web mail access and 2 GB of storage.

To help supercharge your new website and promote your kennel, we include a FREE Gundog Central Kennel Account that allows you to advertise your dogs on Gundog Central.

We also offer discounts on Gundog Central banner ad packages, these banner ads help drive traffic to your new site. Banner ads come in two sizes, the Double Barrel Banner (full size) is $40 per month, and the Single Barrel Banner (half size) is $20 per month. These banner ads can have up to a million impression each month. Price is only available with a yearly commitment and an active NetKennel subscription. This is over 75% off the Gundog Central advertised pricing.

$25.00 Per Month
* Note: This is the standard NetKENNEL website package with up to 1 Terabyte of file storage. Includes $96 Gundog Central Kennel Account that automatically approves all your Gundog Central classified ads. Also includes $149 Verified Kennel Badge. Domain name is included at no additional cost.
Labor / Maintance
$25.00 Per Hour
* Note: Not everyone has time to maintain their own website, so for a nominal fee, you can send the updates you want to make to your website to us and we’ll make them for you. Design fees maybe be accessed if you have additional design changes you want to make beyond the initial setup.
$10.00 Per Month
* Note: Send and receive mail from 2 Gigabytes mailbox size. Spam filters and Anti-virus software included. Price is per mailbox address.
Social Media
$20.00 Per Month
* Note: We will set up and maintain dedicated social media pages for your kennel on Facebook, Instagram and Treads, totally separate from your personal account. Post made to your website will automatically be feed to these social media pages, while still allowing you to manually post to these pages when you want. $20 per month.
Double Barrel Banner
$40.00 Per Month
* Note: Double the size of the banner above this large format banner on Gundog Central willhelp drive even more traffic to your new website. Banner ads can be shown up to a million times each month. Banner normally $150 per month.
Single Barrel Banner
$20.00 Per Month
* Note: Half height sized banner on Gundog Central, this will help drive traffic to your new website. Banner ads can be shown up to a million times each month. Banner normally $75 per month on Gundog Central.
Keyword & Social marketing
$25.00 Per Hour
* Note: We can advertise your kennel on popular social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. You set a monthly budget, we’ll handle the rest. Fee is $25 per hour for time involved in setting up campaign, two hour minimum.
Domain name
$30.00 Per Year
* Note: Want to secure a domain name or acquire additional domains to point to your kennel. We can handle that for you. Domain names include privacy protection. Domain fees are $30 per year.
Web Hosting
$10.00 Per Month
* Note: Looking to build your own hunting dog related website but need a place to host it, We can provide you with server space with 99% uptime. $10 per month price is minimum, may change depending on your requirements.


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