What are backlinks

and why they are essential to your kennel

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo can provide free 24-7 advertising for your kennel, but it’s only effective if your website ranks high enough for key search terms. One method that search engines use to determine where your kennel website might rank in their search results is through counting backlinks. A backlink is a link or website on the internet that points to your website. By counting the links pointing back to your website, search engines can gauge how popular your site is compared to similar sites. This metric is referred to as your Domain Authority or Page Rank score. Domain Authority is a website metric that predicts how your website might rank in the major search engines, it’s based on a score from 0-100. The most popular websites on the internet will score on the higher end of the scale. It measures the number and quality of links that point to your website. This is not the only method they use, but it can significantly contribute to your ranking.

New kennel websites aren’t going to have any websites linking back to them, so it’s critical to get your new site listed in as many places as possible to jump-start your search engine listing. That’s where sites like Gundog Central (https://gundogcentral.com) and Gun Dog Chat (https://gundogchat.com) can help by giving you a place to list your new website. You can link to your website on Gundog Central by placing a new classified ad, purchasing a Kennel Account, or running a banner ad. Creating any public post on Gun Dog Chat will allow you to link to your website.

There are tons of other excellent hunting dog-related websites offering free listings, like Gundog Breeders and Gundogs Online. I’d encourage you to list your kennel website on all of them. Some may require you to also place a link on your website back to them because they also want to boost their backlink score. Hunting dog-related forum websites are also another good option to list your website. If you have sponsors or are a pro-staff member, try to get your website listed on your sponsor's website as well. You can also share links with other kennels, if you have a buddy that raises dogs, talk to them about exchanging links.

More links equal higher rankings … right? Of course, it’s not that simple … some backlinks can hurt you. Focus on getting your site listed at quality establishments. Target popular places on the internet that rank high up in the search results already. Google, Bing, and Yahoo will analyze all the websites linking to your site to determine whether they are legitimate or just link farms. Listing your website on these link farms can harm your search engine listings. A link farm is a website that exists solely to share links to other sites. You’ll sometimes see these advertised as top 50 or top 100 sites.

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