NetKennel.com was created to allow it's users to quickly and easily create a professional, kennel oriented web site.

NetKennel.com agrees to allow NetKennel.com members the use of NetKennel.Com's system in accordance with, but not limited to the guidlines setforth below.

The number of photos and pages is currently not limited, to registered users of the NetKennel System. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

The display of non member material by any registered member is not permitted.

The web site created by the member shall only display the products, and/or services directly provided by the member.

This agreement is not for a specific length of time, and may be terminated unilaterally at any time by either party.

After the initial setup payment of $25.00, subscription payments of $25.00 per month will be charged by Paypal.com to the member's Credit Card. Member's financial, and personal information are secured by Paypal.

In order to simplify the technical operations of the signup procedure, the first payment will appear as a standard subscription payment, however; this payment is understood by the member and Netkennel.com as representing a single service charge for initial account setup. If at any time a user elects to cancel service, no refunds will be given.

By accepting this agreement, the member agrees that at no time will the member participate in any kind of lawsuit against NetKennel.Com. The terms of this agreement allow either the member, or NetKennel.com to terminate service without notice.

If a user wishes to resubscribe to the service after the service is canceled, or terminated. Another setup fee will be charged.

NetKennel.com shall not be held liable in any way for the loss of data, business income, personal income, life or limb, or any other noun, verb, or adjective resulting from the use, or termination of NetKennel.com's Services.

A small portion of Each member's site, is reserved for, and may be used by NetKennel.com. This portion of the site may be used by NetKennel.com without the expressed permission of the member, and without compensation to the member; for any purpose deemed appropriate by NetKennel.com. Should the member request that NetKennel.com not use this space, a written notice must be sent to NetKennel.com via email, or regular mail. It is, however; NetKennel.Com's sole decision to remove content from the section.

User's of NetKennel.com agree to abide by the rules set forth by NetKennel.com. These rules are subject to change without notice. In the event of such a change, members will be given 3 days to comply with the new rules, at which time, NetKennel.com may terminate the service.

Any activity contrary to the current policies of NetKennel.com may, at the discretion of NetKennel.com administrators, be grounds for immediate termination of the member's account and no refund shall be provided.

Photos and content displayed on user's sites shall not contain any material that includes but is not limited to: pornography, links to pornograpic material, content that is not appropriate for children or young viewers, displays of cruel activity to animals or people and any other material deemed to be inappropriate by the administration of NetKennel.com.

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